Iran to export jet fuel to three countries

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Iran to export jet fuel to three countries

Iran has received orders from Armenia, Tajikistan and Afghanistan for the purchase of jet fuel and is planning to export the product to these countries this year.

Director of Exports and Imports Department of National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company (NIOPDC) Esmaeil Hasham-Firouz told IRNA on Friday that in the year to March 19, Iran exported jet fuel to Afghanistan, Armenia and Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government and this year Tajikistan has also been included in the list of buyers.

Referring to fivefold rise in jet fuel exports in 2015 compared to the amount for the year earlier, he added that last year Iran exported 15,000 tons of jet fuel while in 2014, 3,000 tons of the fuel was sold to Afghanistan.

On Iran’s plans to export gasoline in the future, the official said that an Afghan delegation visited Iran recently to discuss the purchase of oil products, including gasoline.

Due to shortage of gasoline in the country, Iran cannot export the product, he said, noting that exports of the product will begin once the Persian Gulf Star Refinery becomes operational in late autumn.

The refinery will produce 12 million liters of gasoline a day, which is four million liters more than the country’s requirements, and this amount can be exported to other states including Afghanistan, Hasham-Firouz said.

Currently, Iran’s daily export capacity for jet fuel, which complies with IATA standards, is 7 million liters.

Source: Iran-daily

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